When playing for the Boston Celtics, was Larry Bird ever held scoreless?

When playing for the Boston Celtics, was Larry Bird ever held scoreless?

It’s possible to argue that Larry Bird is the best player in Boston Celtics history. His dominance during one of the NBA’s most difficult eras was validated by his three consecutive MVPs from 1984–86. He had his bad nights, like many celebrities, though they were few and far between. How terrible were his mismatches? In the NBA, was he ever held without a point?

Bird was chosen by the Celtics in 1978 with the sixth overall pick, but they were unable to come to an agreement with the Indiana State forward. Despite the fact that the Celtics held onto his rights until the 1979 NBA Draft, Bird made the decision to go back to school. He would have been added back into the draft if a contract agreement hadn’t been reached beforehand.

In their negotiations, player agent Bob Woolf and Celtics president Red Auerbach were poles apart. With an incredible season that culminated in a 1979 NCAA tournament berth against Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans, Bird’s value increased. According to Auerbach, Bird was not as valuable as a center and a guard because he was a “cornerman.”

During negotiations, Auerbach told Woolf, “Bird’s a cornerman, that’s all he is,” according to Sports Illustrated. Thus, out of the three key positions (center, fast guard, and corner), he is the least significant.

They spent almost four hours together before they finally struck a deal in June, the month of the draft. Bird secured the highest-ever five-year NBA rookie contract, worth $650,000 annually.

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