What Erik ten Hag told Manchester United squad after FA Cup final defeat to Man City

Hag being furious with 1st goal

Erik ten Hag has disclosed that after his Manchester United players lost to Manchester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday, he expressed his pride in their efforts to them.

After their unrelenting march to the Premier League title and Champions League final, nobody gave United a chance to defeat their neighbors, but they provided a very impressive performance despite losing 2-1. But it didn’t help matters when, just 13 seconds later, Ilkay Gundogan scored the game’s first goal by volleying in Victor Lindelof’s errant clearing.

After the first shock, United threatened to completely crumble but were able to fend off the Blues’ initial attack before settling into the game and beginning to smother their opponents. When they were given a penalty for a handball by Jack Grealish, Bruno Fernandes stepped up to take it from the spot, giving them a chance to get back into the game.

After the initial shock, United appeared on the verge of collapsing altogether, but they were able to repel the Blues’ early attack before settling into the match and suffocating their opponents. Bruno Fernandes went up to take the penalty shot from the spot after Jack Grealish gave them a penalty for a handball, giving them a chance to get back into the game.

Ten Hag then recounted the atmosphere in the dressing room. He told the BBC, “We are broken, disappointed obviously, but I said I am proud of my squad. Although we gave up two soft goals, we still managed to stay in the game.

“There was excellent organization and a fantastic attitude. They were difficult goals because they were so preventable and soft. It is impressive for the team to play against City and give up nearly no goals from open play, but it is disheartening to give up goals like this.

“This team shown character, individuality, and resiliency. We are aware that we still have a ways to go, but this will help. Although we failed the exam, there were several positives that we may carry over into the upcoming season.



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