What do you believe to be Wilt’s most notable achievement?

What do you believe to be Wilt’s most notable achievement?

Phil Jackson realized early on in his rookie campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers that Shaquille O’Neal had to be at the top of his game. However, Jackson also understood that it would not be easy to deal with an All-Star who had already made a name for himself on the biggest stage of basketball. Thus, the Zen Master devised a cunning scheme to challenge Shaq to the limit by leveraging Wilt Chamberlain’s legacy.

Jackson found a way for the Lakers to win the chip when he entered the game because he did have some experience nearly winning NBA titles with some of the most well-known players ever. He was aware that Shaq needed to be the go-to guy, and Jackson was willing to give it a shot if it meant the big man should spend 48 minutes on the court.

But Jackson wasn’t the kind of coach who preferred to follow orders. He desired for his players to have personal objectives as well. Thus, in the first week of his Lakers debut, The Zen Master made the decision to impart to O’Neal the Wilt Chamberlain-style knowledge of how champions win.

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