Updates!!! inside story on Dominik Szoboszlai and ‘unstoppable’ attacking talent, revealed by Former Liverpool goalkeeper

Adam Bogdan, a player for Hungary, details what the Reds might anticipate from Dominik Szoboszlai, their most recent acquisition.

Two years prior to his transfer to Liverpool, Dominik Szoboszlai was already the most expensive football player in Hungary.

The 22-year-old, who cost RB Leipzig €20 million in January 2021, broke his own record by moving to Anfield for £60 million. He is without a doubt the most well-known player the 9.71 million-person country has produced since the illustrious Ferenc Puskas, a three-time European Cup victor.

The playmaker will join Adam Bogdan and Istvan Kozma as Liverpool’s third Hungarian to participate in a competitive match. However, despite having one of the all-time greats in Puskas, former West Bromwich Albion and Fulham midfielder Zoltan Gera is still perhaps his nation’s most successful export in Premier League history. His motherland has ultimately struggled to emerge onto that elite stage.

All of that is going to change with Szoboszlai. Bogdan, Liverpool’s final Hungarian player, is confident that the transfer will be a success for all parties, which makes the entire nation of Hungary even more pleased.


“I felt so proud. It’s something that we, as Hungarians, have not had, the goalkeeper, Szoboszlai’s international teammate, said in an exclusive interview with the ECHO after the high-profile transfer. “Everyone around us has star players competing for elite European teams.


“Leipzig is a great team and a Champions League team, and it’s great to play there, but they are not one of the traditionally dominant teams in Europe.

Finally, in addition to having someone there, we also have the player whose fourth-highest transfer cost was paid for him, and he receives the number 8 shirt. That is huge for both Hungary and everybody who enjoys Premier League and Hungarian football.

In Hungary, Liverpool has a sizable fan base. In Hungary, there is a sizable fan base for the Premier League. They are overjoyed to have a player join not only one of the largest teams in England but one of the biggest in the entire world. Being a player in the Premier League is amazing in and of itself. I’m very happy.

“And I believe they should be since many requirements are met for this to be a successful marriage and a good fit. When I first received the news, I was incredibly delighted and proud of everyone involved, to be honest.

Some individuals are a little concerned, he continued, just because they fear that it’s a bigger step than they may have anticipated. It’s a large sum of money and possibly larger than anticipated.

“But on the other hand, I think it’s unsurprising and the proper move for me or anyone who follows football more seriously. We are aware that this procedure was carefully considered. His current work path has been carefully planned and handled.

He took a similar route to Haaland, moving from Salzburg to Leipzig, a premier Bundesliga team, where he participated in the Champions League and won the German Cup. Additionally, he has just joined an elite English squad. It’s the best decision.


Only new teammates Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker, and Darwin Nunez cost Liverpool more than Szoboszlai, who cost the Reds £60 million. And for the Hungarian people, such a payment is proof that their talisman, whom they have always regarded in such high regard, is destined for success.

To be honest, it’s astonishing that a Hungarian player could be purchased for that much, stated Bogdan. “We never believed it was conceivable, but you can’t believe something is possible until you see it done. It’s amazing.

“We have always known Dominik to be a phenomenal talent. You watch him play in the Champions League, I watch him train, and I watch him play for his country.

“However, once someone pays this much money, you realize. We thought he was a fantastic player, but this transfer fee is world class, f**king hell. You spend this type of money for the best players in all of Europe. the top.

“A club will believe he is on par with some of their finest players if they spend that much for him. Perhaps due to various factors or abilities.


It’s not just that someone asks for £60 million and you immediately assume, “Phwoar, he must be a terrific player! We should buy him. They’ve been keeping an eye on him for years, and I’m sure they have a job in mind for him. It was a well-planned process.

But if we discuss his passing, shooting, and overall understanding of the game, he’s unquestionably on par with some of Liverpool’s top players under Klopp in terms of talent.

Bogdan is in a good position to be knowledgeable about Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. The German did, after all, inherit the Hungarian team when he took over as manager in October 2015.

And even though he was only able to make six games before being loaned away, he still collaborated with players like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Philippe Coutinho. And he is confident that Szoboszlai will succeed at Anfield.

“I believe he can cope with the pressure. To be quite honest with you, I believe he was born for this,” the 36-year-old remarked. He has always been a good player, in the U17, U19, and U21 levels, but he also put a lot of work into it.

“From talking to him and being around him, it is clear that he wants to be the main person and that this is where he wants to belong. He is, however, willing to put in the necessary effort.


“You can’t always expect everyone to come in and perform flawlessly, but I believe this price tag buys him some time from the manager and, perhaps, the supporters as well. Don’t panic if Szoboszlai got off to a somewhat slower start.


“He has a German coach at Liverpool; everyone is familiar with Jurgen Klopp, and Szoboszlai is aware of the German mentality and his approach to game. He intends to counterpress in this way.

“He’s tactically learned a lot and physically matured, and I’m sure that everyone at Liverpool is aware of this else they wouldn’t have spent this much money on him.


“It’s a long contract, and Liverpool want to keep it that way. He would undoubtedly overcome a sluggish start because he is a warrior and will undoubtedly demonstrate his abilities.


“It also depends on the team you join. Liverpool had some issues the previous season, especially in the opening half. When you’re a new player, it’s possible that problems with the squad will have an impact on you.

But perhaps with the new additions, the drive, and the skill they still possess at Liverpool, they can get off to a much better start, and Dominik will find it less difficult to adjust than Nunez did the previous season.


Szoboszlai is renowned for being a very adaptable player who can play as an eight, a ten, or out wide. Bogdan believes Szoboszlai is well-suited to a conventional midfield role under Klopp despite the fact that he has played more of his colleague in a wide position cutting inside.

And after a brief talk about Liverpool’s new system, which includes Trent Alexander-Arnold as a number six as part of a box midfield, the goalkeeper realizes even more reasons why his previous team signed his colleague.

His optimal position is difficult to determine. He is undoubtedly a potential attacker, he said. He may play at the number eight position, in my opinion.


“But a little wider, checks in, shoots from a distance or chooses a through-ball for a striker. I think I’ve seen him play there the most. I can say with certainty that he wouldn’t hesitate to take the number 10 spot either. He have the necessary feet and brain for it.

“But I’ve seen him more in that broader position, maybe on the left of those three behind the striker, in a 4-2-3-1 configuration. He may play on the left or in the middle of the field in a 4-3-3 depending on the tactics really.

I’m confident he can work out these issues, which will also rely on what position he is required to play and what Liverpool believes he performs best in. A few good coaches can help him choose his position.

Then there was the new configuration they utilized, with Trent moving into midfield. That’s a valid point as well. Trent had great success with it, and the typical 4-3-3 has the eights acting like number tens.

“Wow, that makes sense. That is incredibly logical. We discuss whether a player is an eight or a ten, but with that formation, it’s more like the function in the middle. In both defending and attacking, the roles are shifting.

He is highly at ease playing as a number 10 as well as an eight who is a little wider. Yes, that hybrid job might have been successful.


Liverpool fans have unavoidably been watching every highlight tape about their newest summer acquisition since links to Szoboszlai initially surfaced last week. As a result, it is not unexpected that they now drool at the sight of every breathtaking long-range objective.


Bogdan reveals that there is much more to the 22-year-old’s game when he tells the supporters of his former club what they can expect, even though the Hungarian’s shooting style is distinctive and admittedly very difficult to keep out, according to a goalkeeper who has been on the receiving end of a Szoboszlai stunner on more than one occasion in training.

“Taking shots is hard to do!” Bogdan is honest. It is accurate, fast, and dip. It’s quite difficult to save when those three are together.

“He has that whip on him and believes in himself. It cannot be taught, and it is rarely observed, particularly in Hungary. Anyone who witnesses him in person will find it enjoyable to watch the way he touches the ball and pings the ball.

“With him, Liverpool has just added another option—a fantastic one for free kicks. But it goes beyond that; he also excels at crossing, playing diagonal balls, and taking shoots from outside the box. He also has excellent vision.

“He’s a superb football player who can also pick out the crucial passes. Despite being only 22, he recently received a promotion to national team captain, demonstrating his leadership skills. It’s a tremendous honor and a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.


“Recently, we’ve had about 65,000 spectators at our games. Football is a huge passion in Hungary, and fans frequently attend games. It’s a significant deal that he replaced Adam Szalai. He witnessed Adam performing the task in a powerful manner, and I believe Adam taught him a lot. But he continues to be a really strong personal.

“I therefore believe that he is suited to the responsibilities as well as the large team. He exudes the atmosphere and character of someone who was essentially born to perform this. He is, and has always been, among the best football players in Europe.

“He fits right into the quality Liverpool has,” he concluded. You can count on a great talent. He’s likely the best player recent Hungarian football has produced.

In addition to talent, a person should have a strong work ethic, be willing to put in their all, and be willing to work hard. His number of sprints every game are actually quite impressive in the Bundesliga!

What he excels at is rather evident. His long-range shooting, diagonals, intelligence, tactical knowledge, and hunger make him a potential global football superstar.


“His leadership qualities and self-confidence. He truly wanted to travel to Liverpool, which demonstrates this. He is incredibly talented and fiercely competitive.

He enjoys making jokes because he is a young boy. He enjoys his interests. He is well-known and, in my opinion, enjoys the limelight, but he also works incredibly hard. an exceptional professional.

Being a young boy, he enjoys making jokes. He enjoys his interests. He is well-known and, in my opinion, enjoys the limelight, but he also works incredibly hard. an exceptional professional.

He possesses a rare combination of natural talent, an excellent right foot, and a willingness to put in a lot of effort. We can only hope that everything turns out as it should, but as of right now, he has undoubtedly checked off a lot of boxes.

So how does it feel to be the target of a Szoboszlai shot? Bogdan acknowledges that when his fellow countryman gets it right, he is unstoppable. It would appear that there is a threat from free kicks in particular. There will be rivalry for Trent Alexander-Arnold’s dead ball duties from a player who the former Liverpool goalie almost always anticipates scoring this season.


“They compare him to Beckham. Even though he hasn’t been scoring many goals from long range, he has been likened to Bruno Fernandes, he added. “The dip and curl have Coutinho-like characteristics.


“Dominik smashes it with a somewhat different method; the ball stops in the air, dips, crashes, and is hit accurately. But unlike Juninho (Pernambucano), the ball doesn’t move around much. It’s quite comparable to the way he’d throw the ball about.

Although I’m not sure if Dominik and the players from Hungary will even remember him. It resembles Juninho in some way. I don’t know who shoots like that There aren’t many of them right now, that much is clear.


“I didn’t play against Beckham, but he strikes the ball from a distance with the same assurance and expectation. Similar to Beckham’s infamous free kick vs Greece. It will almost certainly go in if you’re in the stands or the dugout.


“That’s how Dominik and I make me feel. There is a greater likelihood that it will enter the hole than not. With some guys, you almost don’t anticipate it to go in because you don’t have that. But it’s the same with him as it was with Beckham. You anticipate it to enter.


“His technique is different from how Beckham bends it, but the crowd’s confidence is quite similar. You anticipate it to be a target. Trent Alexander-Arnold, who excels at free kicks but has a slightly different technique, is available to you.

Szoboszlai is hit so softly with a dipping, whipping motion. If you are in the stadium, you will hear the sound of the ball once he hits it. It’s simply ideal.

“When the strike begins to dive toward the goal, it becomes the fastest. Even if the goalie gets a touch, it will be very difficult to stop the ball because the strongest power is applied just as the ball begins to fall. It ascends before landing.

“He is incredibly accurate, and the ball moves at an insane rate. He usually gets it right, making him essentially unstoppable if he does.


The European Championships in Germany next summer provide Szoboszlai an additional incentive to triumph this year. Two years ago, Hungary exited at the group stages despite admirable draws with both Germany and France in the group of death, and the playmaker was forced to miss Euro 2020 due to injury.

The 22-year-old, who is now Hungary’s captain, will be looking to take his nation, which is now at the top of its qualifying group, to the finals and then the knockout rounds of next year’s competition.

Bogdan, who was a member of the Hungary team for Euro 2020, believes that Szoboszlai’s injury setback in 2021, just a few months after joining RB Leipzig, actually strengthened the playmaker and helped pave the way for his move to Liverpool.

He stated, “I think that though missing that tournament was disappointing, it didn’t affect him because he just got in a lot of rehab to strengthen. “I believe he realized early on the value of doing the fitness and strength work. Everything you need to handle the intensity of these sports, including pre-training exercises and core strength.

“Even though missing it was the most heartbreaking event of his life, he responded brilliantly, and you can tell he’s become stronger if you compare him to two years ago.

He became incredibly motivated to ensure that it never happens again. to be able to participate in the European Championships once more, to be the group’s leader, and perhaps to have a greater chance of moving on from the group. He responded brilliantly and recovered quickly.

Since it became known that Szoboszlai was headed to Liverpool, Bogdan has spoken with him only briefly. However, he is hoping for a more in-depth discussion regarding his own Anfield experience Peter Gulacsi, a former Reds academy graduate, RB Leipzig goalkeeper, and Hungary goalkeeper, would have been a better choice for the 22-year-old, it is said.


While he has refrained from claiming that his international teammate can unseat Puskas as Hungary’s greatest player, he does believe that Liverpool’s Szboszlai is at the right club to at least bring Puskas close as the Reds pursue Premier League and Champions League glory after collecting all of the possible honors under Klopp.

“Yeah, we had a little conversation. We simply sent each other texts,” he added. “Peter Gulacsi was his teammate in Leipzig and with the national team. He spent a significant amount of time at Liverpool. They will have undoubtedly discussed and thought it thoroughly.

Given that he is a teammate of Peter’s, I might have inquired about him as well if I were Liverpool. Of course, I’ve worked out with him and shared a national team team with him. In national camps for training, he scored a lot of goals!

“I’m confident that clubs conduct extensive study before making transactions, especially ones of this size and costing this much money.

I’ll definitely have a good chat with him about the experience (at Liverpool) after everything settles down, but for the time being, I’m taking a step back because I know he has a lot going on.

“(If he can repeat Puskas) is something we’ll have to wait and watch. Puskas was a three-time Champions League champion. One of the top players in the world, he participated in the World Cup final.

Szoboszlai hasn’t gotten there yet, but he’s at the proper place to achieve such amazing heights. A path exists to return to the Champions League.

“Liverpool already won it and the Premier League, and they will want to win both again. Dominik can assist them in doing it, and I believe he also has confidence in his own abilities.



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