Update!!! Kylian Mbappe’s mother who is his agent slammed on Liverpool and Real Madrid claims over failed transfer and sent a message …. See more…

Kylian Mbappe, a striker for Paris Saint-Germain, has Fayza Lamari as his mother and agent.

In light of reports Liverpool could offer more than £250 million for Kylian Mbappe, the agent of the Paris Saint-Germain sensation has come under fire.

The attacker, who is once again involved in a transfer drama after declaring he will not be extending with the Ligue 1 winners beyond 2024, is represented by Fayza Lamari, who is also the mother of the France international.


According to Ian Graham, the departing director of research at Anfield, Real Madrid is widely regarded as the favorite to sign the talisman, and although Liverpool had been keeping tabs on his situation, the Reds now find themselves seemingly out of the running because the 24-year-old is financially out of their league.

It hasn’t stopped a fantastic offer for the former AS Monaco player from being mentioned in relation to Jurgen Klopp’s team, though.

On Tuesday, it became known that the Reds might make a huge effort to surpass Los Blancos to their long-term aim. Spanish media station Radio Marca quoted FIFA agent Marco Kirdemir as saying: “They told me that they are really angry. They wanted him to renew, and they believed he would. The Emir is furiously angry.

“Liverpool is in a bidding war with Real Madrid and wants to spend a fortune on Mbapp√©; the sum he refers to is somewhere around 300 million (Euros),” the source said.

Mbappe’s future has grown more dubious in recent seasons due to Real’s pursuit of him, with president Florentino Perez directing their interest. He was about to become the newest star to be introduced at Santiago Bernabeu when, at the very last minute, he agreed to new, better terms with PSG.

Intermediary Yvan Le Mee recently criticized the mother of the France player. He said this while appearing on RMC AfterFoot via AS:

“Mbappe’s mother is not employed as an agent. She lacks the capacity to take action. There is a truth; you must act in accordance with your skills. Because I don’t have to, I don’t know how to cook, but I wanted to own a restaurant.

‘I take care of my son’ and the ‘I provide my services to 20, 30, 100 players’ are two different things. We are folks who perform operations as agents. If Kylian Mbappe had a representative at the time of the talks with Real Madrid two years ago, I’m sure he would already be there.

“It might not work when you talk to a coach from a storied club like someone you’ve known for a long time if you don’t have the habits and norms.

“I have no idea how to approach the circumstance to get there. He is still in Paris, and it is evident that he is not content with his surroundings.

Mbappe has been candid about sharing his mother’s “love” for the six-time champions of the European Cup. She was beaming as she pointed to the Liverpool logo while watching her kid watch the World Cup in Qatar. Prior to his departure to Paris, the club was in talks to sign him, and he claimed that the start of those talks was her love for the Reds.

We didn’t talk for too long, just a little bit. We had a brief conversation,” he previously admitted to the Daily Telegraph. “I spoke with Liverpool since it’s my mother’s favorite team; she adores Liverpool.

“I have no idea why; you must ask her! We first met them five years ago, and they are a terrific club. I met them when I was in Monaco. It is a sizable club.













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