Thierry Henry ‘offered PSG role’ in attempt to appease Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe would be pleased to see Thierry Henry join Julian Nagelsmann’s coaching staff if the German were to be named the next PSG manager.

Thierry Henry might be a member of Julian Nagelsmann’s backroom team if he becomes PSG’s manager this summer.

Since leaving Bayern Munich earlier this year, the German manager has been jobless, but he has been considered for positions at Chelsea and Tottenham. He is still available, though, and the French champions consider him a possible Christophe Galtier replacement. Even if he won the Ligue 1 championship, he is expected to be fired within a year. European failure frequently signals the departure of PSG managers, and Galtier is in the same boat, leaving Nagelsmann as With his support team already in place, he may be the best person to take over.

According to The Telegraph, Henry, who has never worked with Nagelsmann before, might be on the coaching team in Paris. Henry formerly served as a coach’s assistant with the Belgian national team and briefly served as the head coach of Monaco in Ligue 1.

Henry has a great deal of credibility as a player and has a good relationship with Kylian Mbappe, who would be happy to have him. The French superstar has been playing at Parc des Princes since 2017, and despite Real Madrid’s interest, the club is desperate to keep him for the long term.

No indication has been made that Henry would be eager to work for Nagelsmann, but but it might open up a door for him to return to management. But earlier this year, the legendary Arsenal player spoke out about Mbappe’s future and PSG.

He stated in March that Mbappe could have to look for new opportunities if he wants to contend for top honors after another Champions League exit. “I think it is going to be difficult to keep him even if he stayed last summer,” he told CBS Sports. I’ll explain why I chose Barcelona over Arsenal. More than anything else, I enjoy competing. Although I adored Arsenal, I preferred competition.

“What is the plan?” he further asked the Parisian ensemble. Who is this person? What philosophy is it? What do you hope to accomplish? I have frequently stated that there is a split between the team and many former PSG fans. They nearly chose the previous Paris Saint-Germain.


PSG won the top division for the eleventh time this season, their ninth in eleven years, but their triumph was overshadowed by ongoing criticism of their team due to Lionel Messi’s departure and Neymar’s prospective replacement. With just one final appearance in a decade, the millions spent have likewise failed to produce European success.





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