The match in which Wilt Chamberlain failed to score any points

The match in which Wilt Chamberlain failed to score any points

Wilt Chamberlain is still regarded as the dominant player who nearly broke every individual record during his time dominating the NBA. With 72 NBA records linked to his name (68 of which he owns alone), Wilt essentially continues to dominate the NBA record book to this day. But some of the most well-known ones were when he defeated his bitter rival Bill Russell with 55 rebounds or when he scored 100 points in a single game. In addition, Wilt set season highs for minutes (48.5) per game (48.5), rebounds (27.2), points (50.4), and minutes per game (48.5). He was also the first player to shoot fifty percent or better during a whole season.

Wilt is not just the league’s best player when it comes to all of his records. He is No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 in a few instances. It’s difficult to imagine a player dominating as many statistical categories as the Big Dipper did in the future.

However, later in his career—more precisely, on March 27, 1973—Wilt accomplished something that would have seemed unimaginable for a player of his caliber: he scored zero points in the game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Even more bizarre is the fact that he went 46 minutes without making a field goal or free throw. Wilt had only one point after the Bucks game, which was also his final game of the regular season. He made 1 for 2 from the line but 0 for 1 from the field.

By the early 1970s, Chamberlain had lost his ability to regularly score forty or fifty points and pull down more than twenty rebounds in a game. Nonetheless, a few of Wilt’s subsequent seasons continue to demonstrate his versatility as one of the league’s best players. Throughout those seasons, Wilt averaged 14 points per game. In 1972–73, he set a single-season record with his absurd 72.7 percent field goal percentage. His efficiency from his final NBA season is always astounding.

Wilt’s last two seasons saw him named to the NBA’s first defensive all-star team. In terms of defensive rating, the Lakers finished second in 1971–1972 and third in 1972–1973.

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