The hilarious rule Michael Jordan had for Larry Bird’s trash talk…

The hilarious rule Michael Jordan had for Larry Bird’s trash talk…

Even though he is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan understood better than to engage in a verbal altercation with Larry Bird.

According to Kohan, skilled trash talkers want to bring out the best in themselves as well as weaken their opponents. Throughout his career, Bird traded jabs with Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and many other outstanding defenders, giving them advance notice of his next move before he actually made it.

“Those who genuinely want you to succeed are the best trash-talkers because they are essentially saying, ‘Let’s reach our peak and see what happens,’ my best is better than yours,” Armstrong said.

Naturally, as Jordan rose to fame, he earned a reputation akin to that of Bird. Jordan “constructed reasons to play hard every night,” author Mark Vancil said in ESPN’s documentary series “The Last Dance,” transforming seemingly innocuous remarks into “deep indignations.”

According to Hall of Famer Cheryl Miller, “Jordan was off-limits.” “They covered him in dirt. However, no one was willing to bring it up because they knew Jordan would put it away due to his long memory.” (Kohan points out that the lone exception to this rule was Gary Payton, who played against Jordan in the NBA Finals in 1996.)

Although Kohan goes into much more detail regarding the psychological effects of trash talk in sports, trash talk is fundamentally “a kind of test.”

By raising the stakes of the confrontation, you put pressure on both your opponent and yourself when you issue a challenge, according to Kohan. “There’s more at stake for you both now. The next concern is whether any of you can bear it or if, even for a brief moment, you’ll give in to the increased pressure.”

Jordan and Bird prevailed in those contests by a wide margin. Therefore, the best course of action was to just avoid getting involved in the first place.

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