The explanation for why Liverpool is still England’s best club

The explanation for why Liverpool is still England’s best club

Arsenal can finally say that they can say that they surpass our Liverpool in something, as they have just defeated Manchester City in the Community Shield match and with them they have reached 17 titles, one more than Liverpool has. However, they beat us in one of the least important trophies in English football and as soon as next year we could eliminate that difference.

Arsenal have many years to go before they can even enter the same conversation as Liverpool when talking about the biggest team in England. Just look at what happened last season, when it looked like the Gunners would finally win a Premier League title, but in the end nerves got the better of them and they ended up giving the title away to Manchester City, proving that they don’t have what it takes to play under the pressure that comes with being a big team.

However, that is not the ultimate test of why our Liverpool remains the biggest team in the Premier League. In the last few years alone, the Reds have dominated world football, winning every trophy possible at least once, adding to their greatness and success story. As they say: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one more good season or one more title doesn’t get you into the conversation of being a great team, because for that you have to mark an era, something Arsenal hasn’t achieved.

What is Arsenal lacking to approach Liverpool’s greatness?

Let’s start with Premier League titles. Arsenal has only 13 in its history, while our Liverpool already has 19, so the Gunners would have to dominate English football for at least 6 seasons in a row to just catch up with us. Now, in terms of international trophies Arsenal has never managed to lift a Champions League, while Liverpool has 6 titles, being the third team with more Champions League titles in history.

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