The 1990 NBA cut short Larry Bird’s comeback…

The 1990 NBA cut short Larry Bird’s comeback…

One of the few benefits of the virus has been that the pandemic has encouraged many people to post new videos of many old games in recent months. I recently discovered on YouTube the third game of the 1990 playoffs’ first round series against New York during Larry’s season of comeback. I had never watched this series before, so I was excited to see how it went from being a series Boston had all but secured to one of the most humiliating playoff losses in the history of the team.

This series is such a bittersweet memory because Boston ruined Bird’s comeback campaign by blowing a 2-0 lead and losing 3-2 to a clearly inferior 45-37 Knicks team. In the Atlantic Division, the Celtics finished 52-30, only one game behind the 76ers. After defeating New York 4-1 in their regular season series, they were awarded the fourth seed in the East and faced the fifth-seeded Knicks.

It looked like Round 2 would feature a rematch with the detested Detroit Pistons, but Boston had an unfortunate incident on the way to the Palace and lost, so they were unable to return to the Forum. In addition, Phoenix upset the Lakers in Round 2.

It was obvious that Boston and the Lakers’ dominance of the NBA in the 1980s was over.

Jimmy Rodgers lost his long-awaited position as Celtic head coach as a result of the shocking Celtic collapse. However, after watching the final stretch of Game 3, I was horrified by how many poor calls contributed to Boston losing a sweep and Rodgers losing his dream job.

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