Telling Draymond Green, Gary Payton Shocks Him Is Larry Bird the “Coldest” Trash Talker?

Telling Draymond Green, Gary Payton Shocks Him Is Larry Bird the “Coldest” Trash Talker?

The NBA in the 1980s and 1990s was not the same. The celebrities didn’t give as much thought to their reputations or “brands.” Their priorities were to win and, ideally, to humiliate their rivals in the process. NBA players of today don’t realize that, which is why Hall of Famer Gary Payton told Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green—a throwback trash talker in the modern NBA—that Larry Bird was “the coldest dude I ever seen” when it came to trash talk.

Renowned trash-talker Green asked legendary yapper Payton who his biggest opponents were in his playing career. Larry Bird was named by Payton among the usual suspects and a few surprising additions.

“All of you should know this. “I’m going to shoot this mother***ing jumper in your face right there in that corna,” Bird used to say to me. It will also be your Christmas gift. I’m going to finish it off by breaking your head open. Green was told by Payton, “All that s***.” “Man, he’s the coolest guy I’ve ever seen with that s***.” Everyone is praising these great greats and bringing him up constantly. The s*** was him. The ****. He is free to give it to you however he pleases. however he pleased. It was cold, Larry Bird.

Draymond Green took a lesson about Larry Bird from that. Like a lot of basketball players throughout the years, Green made assumptions about a slender, quiet, white, Indiana man who was blonde and from Indiana.

And as usual, those assumptions were turned upside down by Bird (or a mythical tale about Bird).

However, the fact that Gary Payton only faced Bird four times during their NBA careers makes his claim that the latter is the “coldest” trash-talker he has ever faced all the more intriguing.

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