Steve Smith Sr. delivers long apology to Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy after…

The feud with former NFL wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. and Jerry Jeudy might finally be dead.

It’s gone on way too long.

To recap, 15 days ago Smith roasted Jeudy on NFL Network before the Denver Broncos played the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. Smith attempted to approach Jeudy pregame, and their interaction went sideways. Jeudy didn’t like what Smith had said about him on his podcast.

After the game, Jeudy claimed he didn’t remember what happened, even though he was dancing behind’s Smith’s next live shot and causing a scene. A week later, Jeudy remembered what happened just fine. In a wild press conference, Jeudy described why he wanted no part of Smith. He basically said if someone is going to talk bad behind his back, bring the same energy in person.


We thought this was finished, but apparently it’s not.

On Friday, Smith was on the Pat McAfee Show at the University of Utah. College Gameday is in town, so McAfee’s group hit the road as well. Smith played his college football for the Utes.

When the Jeudy situation came up, Smith delivered a long and rambling apology. You can take a listen for yourself, with a warning that some bad language about Jeudy is uttered from the crowd in the very beginning.


“I want to apologize. And this is my apology. I’ve got to do it the same way — I showed my tail publicly and I apologize for how I said what I said. It didn’t sit well. And that wasn’t my intent, but what’s done is done and I’m sorry,” Smith said.

Good for Smith for apologizing, even if he didn’t need to. He’s an analyst, and his job is to critique players. If Jeudy didn’t like what he had to say, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t prevent Smith from calling it like he sees it.

This whole issue has gone on far too long, but should now finally be put to bed.


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