Shaquille O’Neal’s animosity toward Larry Bird in the past

Shaquille O’Neal’s animosity toward Larry Bird in the past

Despite his iconic status, Larry Bird is arguably underappreciated because of his incredible run in the 1980s, which is sometimes disregarded in favor of the achievements of other greats like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. But don’t get me wrong; anyone who has ever faced Bird on the court knows that he is among the greatest basketball players of all time.

The crew discussed Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird—possibly the three most infamous NBA players in history—as well as their memories of playing or watching them during an Open Court segment. Shaquille O’Neal, another NBA legend, offered an intriguing perspective on how he perceived Larry Bird.

Shaq was in agreement with a lot of non-NBA players at the time; they just couldn’t believe a player like Bird, who lacked any remarkable psychic abilities, could control the game so easily with his skill. Bird was the anomaly, displaying something entirely different at a time when the league was thriving with athletic phenoms. Shaq only recently joined the NBA after Bird retired, so he was sadly never able to play Bird. Even with his bad eating habits, he nevertheless gained insight from his peers, who persuaded him that man was the real deal.

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