Sadio Mané heir could replace Mohamed Salah at Liverpool instead amid ‘strong transfer interest’

Liverpool has been credited with reviving its transfer interest in Jérémy Doku.

Liverpool could turn to a player once earmarked to succeed Sadio Mané as the eventual Mohamed Salah replacement, with strong transfer interest reported.

There are those times in time that sSadio Mané heir could replace Mohamed Salah at Liverpool instead amid ‘strong transfer interesterve as turning points, decide the course of the future, or send you on an entirely different path than if you had chosen a different one.

The thrilling and terrifying aspect of this is that you can never know in advance whether you made the right decision, and even then, the answer is cloudy, full of what-ifs, and ambiguous.


Jürgen Klopp would not have known whether his decision to let Sadio Mané leave Liverpool for greener pastures was the right one. Even after a full season has passed, it is still unclear whether the decision served the interests of both parties. But dwelling on the past is useless. and occasionally choices in the past can also positively influence the future.

One excellent example of such is Jérémy Doku. The Belgian winger visited Liverpool when he was a teenager and was on the verge of joining Anderlecht as a breakthrough player. During their encounter in 2018, Klopp apparently told the adolescent that he saw him as Mané’s long-term successor at Anfield.

According to David Doku, Doku’s father, Klopp “explained how he saw a potential successor to Sadio Mané in Jeremy.”

Doku in action for Belgium U21

However, the move never happened. Doku ultimately decided to stay at Anderlecht before going to Rennes and then attracting everyone’s attention at Euro 2020, where Liverpool may have looked on with a little jealousy as the young Belgian stole the show with his fantastic dribbling talents.

Doku hasn’t lost that great touch, but things haven’t turned out the way he expected since the height of his nascent career. He hasn’t been able to capitalize on the energy from the European Championships, and ever since he’s been back in Rennes, he’s been plagued by injuries that have slowed down his growth and advancement.

Jérémy Doku

Due to this, his Transfermarkt worth has decreased from $28 million (£22 million/€26 million) in July 2021, following the Euros, to just $20 million (£16 million/€18 million) at this time.

Of course, that is only a guess. However, that $8 million cut reflects the fact that Doku would most likely be a more affordable choice for Liverpool today than it was almost two years ago. Obviously, a lot of that has been brought on by his injuries, but he might still be worth a shot, especially at a lesser price.

Belgium U21

According to French journalist Mohamed Toubache-Ter (who wrote on Twitter and was translated by Get French Football News), the club appears to have arrived at the same decision. A transfer agreement is reportedly the most likely outcome of Liverpool’s’strong interest’ in Doku.

Doku, who is only 21 years old, prefers to play on the right wing, where Liverpool now lacks a true backup for Mohamed Salah. At the end of the season, he put together a strong run of performances, finishing with 29 Ligue 1 appearances, six goals, and two assists.

He first stood out and drew parallels to Mané because of his excellent one-on-one skills and explosive pace. It’s a talent that’s hard to come by in football but is crucial for the style of play that Klopp prefers for his strikers.

In the past two seasons, he has missed 41 games as a result of injuries. It’s a freak occurrence, but that’s a large volume. Even the most injury-prone athletes won’t frequently miss this many games, however the commonality of hamstring concerns is concerning.

Doku, though, is still young enough to rehabilitate and get past his injury problems, and if he can do that, he has the makings of an incredible player who can challenge even the toughest opponents in international football. With seven of his goal contributions occurring in the final eight games, he has demonstrated that since returning to the Rennes lineup.


Even though Liverpool’s transfer objectives lie elsewhere, taking a $20 million risk on the promising Belgian player is worthwhile for them for that reason alone. Even if Klopp ends up succeeding Salah, he might still be able to get his Mané heir.

A version of this story was originally published on Ferburary 18.

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