sad news: San Francisco key star role out due to…

Yeah, the Bucs defense held the 49ers off the scoreboard in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

But let’s be real: The damage was already done. San Francisco had called off the dogs.

The Bucs lost four starters to the hard-hitting 49ers (though one was a non-contact injury. The Bucs lost Carlton Davis, Lavonte David, Jamel Dean and Tristan Wirfs in the game. How can the Bucs, specifically the defense, bounce back being down it’s two starting corners and one of the best linebackers in the game?

Jenna Laine of ESPN takes a gander at how the Bucs might be able to scrape some wins together and maybe make the playoffs.

The Bucs are in position to make a run, but injuries are a concern. The Bucs had four starters (CBs Jamel Dean and Carlton Davis III, LB Lavonte David and OT Tristan Wirfs) leave Sunday’s game because of injuries.

Yes, the Bucs are only out of the NFC South division lead by a half-game. So it’s not curtains, yet. Have to win games.

Here is the thing: The Bucs defense on Sunday coughed up 448 yards combined rushing and receiving. And 49ers quarterback was four incompletions short of a perfect day.

Davis or no Davis, Dean or no Dean, David or no David, the Bucs defense can’t get much worse. All three had MRIs this week and the Bucs should have an update when the week’s first injury report is released later this afternoon.

Wirfs returned to the game on Sunday and Bucs coach Todd Bowles mentioned how Wirfs was very sore on Monday but was hopeful by Friday he will be ready to roll in Indianapolis.

  1. I’m not a fan of Davis and Dean because they are not good at breaking up passes or intercepting them. I am a stan of David and Wirf and hope they recover quickly. The corner situation will improve with Davis and Dean out.
  2. Am I the only one to notice but based on my objective perspective, Dean is not this top 10 corner I hear this chatter about. He lacks the ball hawking skills to make interceptions n disrupt passes.He lacks Physicality,Instincts, n Durability. At 6’1 206 lbs, he’s fragile n always hurt. He doesn’t play aggressie. He plays stiff n I’ve been saying it for years, he still has the deer in the headlight demeanor. Look at the difference between Bucs starting corners n Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs, 49ers, Lions starting n backup corners. Contrary to Dean, they all play aggressive n know how to play the ball. Dean played Akuya man to man n didn’t jam him at the line of scrimmage to throw the timing of his route off which lead to a 76 yd td. Why play man to man in your face n not touch the guy within the allowed five yards. Dean is garbage.

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