REPLACEMENT? Dominik Szoboszlai shares Philippe Coutinho trait Liverpool can hone as transfer to be confirmed

Liverpool target Dominik Szoboszlai has a tendency to shoot from outside the box, meaning he almost depicts shades of a certain Philippe Coutinho at times.

Philippe Coutinho made a name for himself at Anfield by scoring a particular kind of goal while playing for Liverpool. Under Jürgen Klopp’s guidance, the ex-Red, who left English soil to join Barcelona in 2018, fully mastered the art of the long-range strike, scoring a ton of screamers.

The South American enjoyed attempting to score from distances of over 20 yards. In fact, he scored one goal every nine shots in the Premier League during his final 18 months as a Liverpool player, scoring an amazing 14 goals from outside the penalty area from 126 attempts.

Philippe Coutinho

The Brazilian nearly went against today’s strategy of getting the ball as close to the goal as possible before attempting to beat the goalkeeper. Coaches and players now have a better grasp of the optimal shooting positions thanks to the development of projected goals and data, with shots beyond the penalty area typically scoring fewer than 5% of the time on average.

Because of the continual pressure to make the best decisions possible on the field, shooting from long range is typically viewed as a bad habit in the current game. However, Coutinho broke the mold thanks to his genuine skill and exceptional capacity to strike a ball with tremendous accuracy and ferocity.

While the rest of his colleagues played more incisively and strategically by pushing the ball towards the area before attempting to complete attacking movements, Klopp was practically compelled to give him a free pass to shoot. Because of his exceptional striking ability, Coutinho merited extra consideration.


After the 31-year-old attacker left the Reds approximately five and a half years ago and is currently under contract with Aston Villa, Liverpool chose not to sign a comparable replacement. With pace merchants like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané, Luis Dáz, and Diogo Jota leading the line for his club, Klopp has made an investment in a different kind of player.

Dominik Szoboszlai has been linked to Liverpool in headlines this week, but the ECHO, among others, has now verified that the Reds would pay the full release clause for the 22-year-old. The Athletic reported on Friday morning that Newcastle United had withdrawn from the bidding for him as the deal moved very rapidly. The contest has concluded.

The Hungarian international seems destined to become Liverpool’s second summer signing after Alexis MacAllister, and it’s fascinating to note that he resembles Coutinho in one particular area. Although the two players have quite different playing styles and the former is significantly more versatile than the latter, Szoboszlai appears to be just as skilled when it comes to long-range shooting.

He has totaled 62 shots from outside the box over the course of his last two Bundesliga seasons. For comparison, while playing much more frequently than Szoboszlai and being a forward, Salah has taken just 50 shots from beyond the box during the same time span. Szoboszlai is more of a midfielder.


Szoboszlai can strike a ball with incredible vigor, similar to Coutinho, but his ability to score goals isn’t quite as good. In 62 attempts in the German top division, he has only scored three goals, two of which were from free kicks. He might have to cut back on his habit in Merseyside because of this.

While Klopp shouldn’t absolutely forbid him from trying to score when he feels that he can, he might be able to make better decisions while wearing the illustrious red shirt. Things might change if Szoboszlai develops into as skilled a player as Coutinho, but for the time being, he must make sure he is selecting the appropriate plays for Liverpool on the field.

Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans, he still has a lot of opportunity to grow at Anfield and may soon find himself in the race for Goal of the Season.

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