Pep Guardiola reveals message from Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester City complete treble

Before Manchester City accomplished their historic treble, Sir Alex Ferguson sent Pep Guardiola a note of encouragement.

After winning the Premier League and the FA Cup, City defeated Inter 1-0 in the Champions League final to earn their third trophy of the year.

After Ferguson led his team to the three trophies in 1999, City has now joined Manchester United as the second English club in history to win the triple.

And Guardiola disclosed after the championship game on Saturday that Ferguson had contacted City before their victory over Inter.

Guardiola claimed, “We are only 13 Champions Leagues away [from Real Madrid].”


‘Just 13. Real Madrid, take caution; we are approaching. We shall catch you if you drowse a little.

We are unable to compare to them. Even though some claim that Man City has already won the first Champions League, I don’t want the competition to end after just one season. Next season, we need to put in more effort and show up.

There are some Champions League champions who go away after one or two seasons. It must be avoided.

“Knowing me, it won’t happen, but having this trophy is a huge relief for the club and the organization because, at long last, they won’t be asking me if we’re going to win the Champions League or not. You must now get ready for the next query.


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