Pep Guardiola broke down in tears as Manchester City won the FA Cup

The Champions League final between Inter Milan and them will now be the focus of attention in Istanbul.

After losing to Chelsea in 2021, this is City’s second opportunity to win European glory. It is also their first attempt to contend for the Triple Crown.

The BBC quoted Guardiola as saying: “Now is the first time we can talk about the Treble.

“The match against United was unique for our city and our supporters. We did an extremely good job. Excellently well. I am overjoyed.

Ilkay Gundogan was the day’s hero, as his two goals, one on either side of Bruno Fernandes’ penalty-kick equalizer, clinched the victory.

Additionally, Guardiola praised his captain, whose contract expires in the summer.

What a season,” he exclaimed. The particular mentality is needed, even though the talents are available.

“When you have players that treat the game as a friendly competition and who handle pressure by saying, “OK, let’s have fun,” your team is developing into a strong one. If not, you cannot accomplish it.

“We know how we play and how we want to do the kick-off,” added Gundogan.

“That is what we were going for, Erling, and then a swift attack. We’ve scored for the first time this year.

“I had to hit the ball since it was situated brilliantly for me. Amazing.”



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