NBA Jayhawks: On this day, Wilt Chamberlain scores a century.

NBA Jayhawks: On this day, Wilt Chamberlain scores a century.

When he scored 100 points in a regular season game on March 2, 1962, Kansas basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain appeared to have broken every NBA record.

With 36 of 63 field goals and 28 of 32 free throws made, Chamberlain helped the Philadelphia Warriors defeat the New York Knicks 169-147.

The 4,124 people present at Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania, were the only ones to witness the feat. The only known record of the event is audio from the last quarter; there is no game footage available.

Chamberlain had 41 points at the half, which didn’t really bother him. In spite of the Knicks defense’s constant triple and quadruple teaming, Chamberlain scored 28 points in the third quarter. The Warriors were aware that reaching 100 points was getting closer.

The majority of the fourth quarter was devoted to getting Wilt the ball. Now deeply engrossed in the blowout game, the somnolent audience was chanting “Give it to Wilt! Every time the Warriors had the ball, I’d say, “Give it to Wilt!”

In an attempt to avoid being called for 100 points, the Knicks began to deliberately foul other Warriors players and played slowly when they had the ball. Warriors head coach Frank McGuire would have none of it, substituting his starting lineup, which included Wilt, in order to foul New York and regain possession of the ball.

With 1:19 left, Wilt scored his 98th point to give the Warriors a defensive stop and an opportunity for him to score his 100th.

After setting up in the post and missing the shot, teammate Ted Luckenbill recovered the rebound and passed it back to Wilt, who missed once more. With 46 seconds left, Luckenbill grabbed the rebound once more, missed an easy layup, and lofted a long pass to Chamberlain, who scored his 100th point.

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