Liverpool should hijack Newcastle transfer for Andy Robertson partner who bested Erling Haaland

Liverpool should explore an interesting transfer avenue amid overtures from Newcastle, and Andy Robertson and Erling Haaland help to make the case for it.

Erling Haaland and Andy Robertson are in quite similar boats. As Scotland and Norway, two of the top practitioners of their vastly different trades, failed to qualify for the World Cup, respectively, neither was present in Qatar.

Last season, Liverpool and Manchester City split their victories throughout the numerous matches they played. For Haaland, who concluded the campaign with a treble, it was a campaign to remember much more.

I almost got it over there. A week after the Champions League final, Haaland was forced to leave quickly for international service, where he faced off against Robertson and Scotland. They are competing for spots in their respective countries’ squads for the next European Championships, and this time it was the Liverpool man that prevailed

The Scots maintained their extraordinary 100% record with some late drama in Norway after defeating Spain on the road in March and winning Cyprus at home in a routine match. Haaland had given the game its first goal from the penalty spot, but scores in the 87th and 89th minutes made the score 2-1.
Robertson was given a very offensive brief, telling him to bomb on from wing-back and cause difficulties in the final third, in contrast to his most recent Liverpool appearances. He has occasionally filled in as a third center-back under Jürgen Klopp to allow Trent Alexander-Arnold to move to midfield. But he brought back his standout qualities here, getting a nine out of ten from The Scotsman, who praised him for “doing the work of two players,”

But it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been doing a good job as a backup center-back, where he has been handling the duties normally performed by two players but in a different way. Robertson certainly shocked a lot of people with his ability to adjust to the situation at hand, which helped Liverpool finish the season with an 11-game undefeated streak. However, he seems to be being overly restrained.

It’s interesting to note that Scotland has already come to the same conclusion. Successive managers have had to be inventive since left-back Robertson has an unexpected amount of potential. At one point, Robertson was employed as a left-sided center-back. But it appears to be established now that the nation’s talisman is better placed in regions where he can have more of an influence.

Similar to how Haaland is surrounded by significantly more quality at Manchester City than he is with Norway, Robertson is not the talisman of the Liverpool team. But it seems wasteful to effectively downgrade him to a set-piece danger as he has long been a reliable source of enormous assist totals at Anfield.

Kieran Tierney has been used as the left-sided center-back by the Scottish team. He was well regarded at Celtic but never quite achieved the same notoriety at Arsenal, despite the fact that he is still highly regarded in the game. According to Football Insider, Newcastle is drafting a bid in response to this, while Manchester City is also keeping an eye on the issue.

He is a marauding left-back by trade as well, but for Scotland, he has claimed the more central position. He certainly demonstrated that against Norway, earning The Scotsman’s description of him as the back line’s “most robust and unflustered presence.” Haaland did not score until he was pulled off the field due to injury.

Manchester City has definitely taken notice of its dual functionality. Although Newcastle may deploy him as a more conventional full-back, Eddie Howe would still find it advantageous to have the option.

Actually, Liverpool ought to be there for Robertson’s foreign companion as well. Alexander-Arnold as a hybrid is not going to be effective in every match, but having the two Scots on hand would give Klopp choices right away. Depending on the opposition, the manager could transition quite effortlessly between a back four and a back three.

In other words, Klopp may use the same strategy that made Liverpool the undisputed champions by asking Robertson and Alexander-Arnold to operate from the flanks in a few games. Although he now has a specialist on the left ready to tuck in when necessary, he may still use his right-back to go into midfield in some games to keep opponents guessing.

The other alternative would be to play Tierney and Robertson together, virtually mimicking the right-sided strategy on the left wing. This strategy is similar to Scotland’s. The Arsenal player would follow his partner’s actions and tuck in or step out accordingly. Although it looks like the least likely formation and would certainly require a right-back like Joe Gomez (perhaps even with Alexander-Arnold as a true midfielder), it is a possibility.

Regardless of any tactical adjustments, reducing Robertson’s workload seems like a smart move. He has played a lot of football since making his debut for Liverpool as a starter when he was 29 years old, so Klopp must provide him with every measure of safety. Kostas Tsimikas has partially filled that function, but at 27 years old, he is not qualified to take over permanently.

Tierney is a year or more younger. Liverpool would acquire a potential successor and an instant rotation option—one who can provide a fresh tactical advantage—in one fell swoop if it hijacked Newcastle’s transfer move. It might be Klopp’s brilliant out-of-the-box answer.


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