Liverpool might acquire a cheap replacement for Mohamed Salah after Jürgen Klopp was informed of a $64 million price decrease.

Although Jürgen Klopp may find another brilliant winger in Serie A who is available for a steal of a price of $43m, Mohamed Salah still has a lot to give Liverpool.

Although Liverpool’s midfield will receive the most of the attention this summer, the Reds will not solely concentrate there. A defender is also required, and Jürgen Klopp hasn’t ruled out signing another forward.

Links with one Serie A star are intriguing because of that, but there are certain restrictions. Liverpool and Bayern Munich are ‘above all’ other teams interested in Federico Chiesa of Juventus and Italy, according to La Gazzetta Dello Sport (print edition, via Paisley Gates).

According to the rumor, Chiesa could be acquired by Jürgen Klopp for as low as $43 million (£34 million/€40 million), although the 25-year-old has missed a lot of sport due to injury, including 62 games over the past two seasons, according to Transfermarkt.

Chiesa was one of Italy’s brightest stars at the European Championships and quickly established himself as a crucial component of a Juventus team that has struggled without him.

But since then, a torn cruciate ligament has kept him out of action for a while, and he has also dealt with other problems. But if he can get beyond them, he may be the ideal match for Jürgen Klopp’s style and perhaps serve as Mohamed’s long-term replacement.

Of course, Liverpool’s Egyptian star will continue to call Merseyside home for at least the next two seasons. However, FSG can decrease the gap, after barely losing out on two league titles in recent years, by adding depth to the style that has helped Manchester City achieve such success, in addition to looking to the further future.

Injury-related setbacks caused Chiesa to fall short of his lofty expectations somewhat, but he still possesses the natural talent and speed that Klopp values in a wide player. He can be used throughout the entire front line and, at the age of 25, the Italy international is just outside the realm of elite players.

While he regains his focus, Liverpool will be closely monitoring whether he has retained the pace that has previously so worried defenders in isolated circumstances, much in the same way that the Anfield audience is used to seeing from Luis Daz. His injury problems raise concerns.

However, it is now improbable that Juventus would be able to demand the sum of more than $107 million (£86 million/€100 million) that they were hoping for after the European Championships, according to La Repubblica. As previously indicated, an amount less than half of that has been proposed ($64m less, to be exact), at which time Chiesa could be worth the risk.

The addition of Chiesa would allow Harvey Elliott to continue playing more center midfielder as he refines his skills in that position.

Undoubtedly, he has to work on his defensive game, but it is a skill that will develop with time. The former Fulham youth star has been a standout performer for Klopp’s team this season in terms of offensive characteristics, but there are doubts about whether he has the speed to ever be a true wide option for Liverpool.

Chiesa is not a prime target, but for a number of reasons, he may be a hidden treasure.


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