Larry Legend, happy birthday!

Larry Legend, happy birthday!

To Larry Bird, happy birthday! Today, December 7, is the legend’s 66th birthday, and chances are good that he could still outshoot everyone reading this.

I’m not going to lie and say I recall Larry Bird’s first Boston Celtics game. On October 12, 1979, to be exact. When Bird scored 14, 10, and 5 points in an eight-point Celtics victory over the Houston Rockets, I was a little over a year old.

I saw the game, that much is true. I am aware of this because my father and uncles would frequently remind me of it.

Similar to how I was too young to fully comprehend Bird and Boston’s 1981 championship victory. All I can recall is how happy my family was. But I was all in when they came back to win in 1984.

I recall watching as many games as I could that season. I remember clearly sleeping through many a halftime and waking up to find out if the Celtics had won while being carried to bed. They did most of the time.

The Los Angeles Lakers were the opponent in those finals. The Lakers, despised. I still find it difficult to tolerate the combination of purple and yellow. It is indeed purple and yellow. These accusations of “forum blue” and “gold” are missing me.

Having witnessed seven excruciating Celtics vs. Lakers games, I became thoroughly immersed in the rivalry that my older relatives had grown up with. I watched all of those games on our VCR so much that my parents had taped them that I eventually wore out the tapes. My “first” championship with the Boston Celtics was sealed with that win, which led to a lifetime of love.

However, it was Larry Bird who first captured my passion for the game. I’m not sure if anyone has ever played basketball in a more visually appealing manner.

Before he was, Bird was just another athlete. Every few games, Bird would blow by him on a drive and dish one down, especially if a young, sharp-eyed player began to pick on him. It seemed as though he was telling men that he was capable.

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