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The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is one of the biggest in world football. No one can deny that. The Glasgow Derby is the one game that puts the Scottish Premiership on the map.

It is massive. And whilst many don’t get just how big the derby is, Rangers winger, Todd Cantwell does. Now.

And that’s only because he has now appeared in five of them. And whilst he has only come out on top once, it seems that it is enough to make Cantwell make an honest admission about Celtic that will sound refreshing to the Hoops supporters ears.

Cantwell said [The Beautiful Game], “I knew that that was a big rivalry but I didn’t know how big it was. And effectively what it is, is bragging rights.

“So Celtic are obviously, let’s not lie, I’m a Rangers player, I love Rangers I just told you that Celtic are a good team there’s no need for me to lie about that.

“They’re a good team and they’re the other team up here that are feared heavily right so it’s us two teams and obviously over the last six to eight years they’ve come out on top the most, right?

“So ultimately they’ve got the bragging rights at the moment but the way I see it and the way I see it now that I’m here as a player is there is definitely a window and there is an opportunity to switch that around.

“And that’s up to the players. And that’s up to us to flip it because obviously over the last years, it’s been them.”

Rangers FC v Celtic FC - Cinch Scottish Premiership

Let’s skirt over the fact that Cantwell clearly has his dates mixed up as Celtic have been dominant for eleven years and not six, at least he now recognises that the Hoops are the team to beat.

For too long the Rangers attacker has seemed at odds to make excuses for Rangers failing to beat Celtic rather than just admitting that, on the occasions the Hoops were triumphant, they were the better team.

If he did that then maybe the issues with Chris Sutton wouldn’t have reared up on social media.

At least now, Cantwell is being honest about Celtic. At least now he recognises that whilst Celtic are on top, it’s up to him and his team to chase them.

Because for the last eleven years Celtic have ruled over Scottish football and every Hoops fan will be hoping that it continues for the next eleven.

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