JUST IN: Sheikh Jassim Has Propose Am Official Bid To….

If Sheikh Jassim wants to exact revenge on Manchester United for rejecting his takeover offer, he should acquire Liverpool, according to Mail Sport’s Mike Keegan on the It’s All Kicking Off podcast.

The Qataris pulled out of the battle to purchase the Premier League heavyweights on Saturday when it became clear that the Glazer family preferred Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s offer of £1.4 billion for a 25% stake in United.

Jassim and his company sought full control of United, but their £5.5 billion offer fell short of the Glazers’ £6 billion demand.

As a result, it is now anticipated that British petrochemicals millionaire Ratcliffe would purchase a quarter of the team and assume management of the playing side at Old Trafford.

Keegan stated on the program that the Qataris are “very disappointed and angry” about the current situation, and football reporter Ian Ladyman recommended they sign with Liverpool, Qatar’s bitter rivals.

The club was put up for sale by Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, in November of last year, at the same time the Glazers started looking for investors for United.

However, Liverpool owner John W Henry reiterated in February that offers of outside investment would be taken into consideration but that the Anfield club was not for sale.

According to Keegan, the Qataris set aside roughly $8 billion (£6.57 billion) for the United project.

“From what I understand, they are very, very angry and dissatisfied with how everything has turned out.

What better way to respond than to recruit United’s main neighborhood competitors and use the money you were planning to invest in Manchester United to make them pay for their refusal to sell to you?

Ratcliffe and INEOS’ £1.4 billion investment is most likely the first phase of a staged buyout of United from the Glazers.

However, that is unlikely to placate the numerous United fans who demand the outright expulsion of the American owners from the team.

“When it was revealed that INEOS wanted to take over the football operations, well, it is obviously fairly appealing to a lifelong Manchester United fan,’ Keegan said.

We are aware that there has been a period of decline since Sir Alex Ferguson left, that the Glazers haven’t done everything correctly both on and off the field, and that Ratcliffe will see this as an opportunity to succeed as he has in all of his previous enterprises.

If you are a United supporter, I believe you will wish there is a way to get rid of the Glazers because things have been going that way for so long.

They will have something to hang onto if the Glazers go at some point.

The standard has been set so low for both recruiting and on-field performance that I have no doubt they will arrive with a pledge to raise it as well.

Would you agree that the Glazers would eventually leave despite their pledge to bolster the playing group and improve the team’s performance? Do you think that’s a compromise you can live with?

Many United supporters may be able to accept it simply by learning that the Glazers may be leaving after all the suffering they have undergone over the years.

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