Brad Stevens is 47 now and the Celtics are his team, the way they were Red Auerbach’s team in the golden days, and the way they were Danny Ainge’s team the last time they won an NBA championship in 2008.




Lot of Buzz' About Neemias Queta Getting Promoted: InsiderSince the Celtics lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals May 29, Stevens has traded Marcus Smart, Robert Williams III, and Malcolm Brogdon, and said goodbye to Grant Williams while acquiring 7-foot-3-inch Kristaps Porzingis and All-Star Jrue Holiday to join veteran superstars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Those big, bold moves — coupled with the sagging fortunes of New England’s once-vaunted Patriots and Red Sox — have pushed Green Team expectations through the banner-festooned Garden roof on the eve of this new NBA season.



Lot of Buzz' About Neemias Queta Getting Promoted: Insider

After signing a two-way contract with the Boston Celtics, Neemias Queta made quite an impression during preseason. He shot 13-for-15 from the field mostly because of his touch around the rim being a lob threat.

Did the third year center play well enough that the Celtics may consider giving him a full-time contract? According to MassLive’s Brian Robb, there have been rumblings, but for the time being, Queta will stay on a two-way deal.


Lot of Buzz' About Neemias Queta Getting Promoted: Insider

“There has been a lot of buzz about Queta potentially getting a promotion to the 15-man roster to begin the year after some standout play in the preseason. However, a league source told MassLive that Queta is expected to remain on a two-way deal to at least begin the year,” Robb wrote in an October 23 story.

Robb provided the details of what Queta’s role will look like on a two-way deal.

“Queta will be eligible for multiple games with Boston under a two-way contract, and the team has the option to convert his contract to a standard contract at a later date if desired later in the season.”

If Kristaps Porzingis and Al Horford—or both—leave the Celtics frontcourt, Queta might see more action. Although he wasn’t the most experienced player, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that the Sacramento Kings signed him to a partially guaranteed contract before waiving him to make room for JaVale McGee.

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