Jaylen Brown angry sad he ‘couldn’t stand’ former celtics due to…

For the first time since Marcus Smart was traded from Boston to Memphis, the Celtics will play the old friend’s new team. Unfortunately, Smart himself won’t be able to play as he hurt his foot that will keep him out for roughly a month. The timing is unfortunate as the C’s and Grizzlies only meet up twice during the regular season.

Still, Sunday’s 8 p.m. game in Memphis is a chance for the Celtics to reminisce on their relationship with Smart. Guys like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown spent their entire NBA careers sharing a locker room with Smart. Brown, speaking at Celtics shootaround, talked about not exactly loving Smart when he first got drafted.

“I couldn’t stand Marcus at first,” Brown said with a smile, via CLNS Media. “And that just goes to show I love him now. So it be like that sometimes. Just growing and maturing as young men. You learn things about people. You learn why people are the way they are. Stuff that goes on behind closed doors. Overall, you just get to learn people a lot more in this world.”

There were certainly some rough moments throughout the past several years. But Smart and the C’s accomplished a lot in Boston, though they were never able to get to the top of the NBA mountain. It’s partly why the C’s front office decided to ship Smart out to Memphis.

While Smart and the Celtics won’t play against each other Sunday, the more emotional moment should come Feb. 4, when the Grizzlies visit TD Garden. That’s when Celtics fans will get to say hello again, and the organization will more than likely have a thank-you video prepared for him. For now, Smart will look to heal his injury and get the 3-9 Grizzlies back on track when he returns ot th ecourt.

“Me and Marcus, we didn’t start off great,” Brown said. “I wasn’t the biggest fan of Marcus when I first got to Boston. … Plethora of reasons (why). You name it. But over time, I realized that me and Marcus have similar spirits. If I was going to war with anybody, Marcus would be one of my first phone calls.”

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