The Celtics and Joe Mazzulla. rallied for a hard fought win over the Knicks in their season opener at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night in New York. However, it turns out they got a little extra help from the officials in the process.

The play in question occurred with just under seven minutes left in the game and the Knicks holding a 88-86 lead. Jalen Brunson was surprisingly whistled for a technical foul for flopping after he took a tumble following a 3-point attempt on the previous possession.

In a post on X on Thursday, NBA officials revealed that they had misjudged the call and the technical foul was handed out incorrectly.

“We missed the foot to foot contact which should have resulted in a personal foul and reviewed for flagrant,” The NBA Officials account wrote. “Had no foot to foot contact existed, this type of secondary and theatrical movement by Brunson would meet the criteria for a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul for flopping. It is possible to have a foul and a flop on the same play, but the foot to foot contact is what causes Brunson’s movement and no flop should have been called.”

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