In his 1985 NBA Finals scouting report, Larry Bird included a 4-word…

In his 1985 NBA Finals scouting report, Larry Bird included a 4-word…

In the 1980s, there was a lot of familiarity between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Throughout the decade, they faced off against one another three times in the NBA Finals. Every year, at least one of those teams advanced to the championship round.

Larry Bird was intimately familiar with the Lakers. He provided United Press International with a detailed report on the starters, reserves, and coaches for the series before they faced off in the 1985 NBA Finals. He also included a four-word self-evaluation in his scouting report, which was obviously satirical but might have been accurate.

Bird led the Celtics to their first NBA championship in 1981 after they defeated Moses Malone and the Houston Rockets in his second season in the league. The Celtics returned in 1984 to take on Magic Johnson and the Lakers after watching the Philadelphia 76ers, who represented the Eastern Conference, in the Finals the following two years.

That show had it all—drama, drama, drama.

With 18 seconds left, the Celtics were down two and on the verge of losing their second straight game at home when Gerald Henderson stole the ball. After intercepting a James Worthy pass, the Boston guard scored the game-winning layup. Boston won the match in extra time.

The Celtics utilized a Kevin McHale clotheslining of Kurt Rambis as a game-changing move to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the third game in Los Angeles. The Lakers suffered in the Boston heat during Game 5, which was played in an unairconditioned Garden. After seven games, Boston emerged victorious in the series.

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