In a dispute with, former Laker Michael Cooper supported Larry Bird by saying…

In a dispute with, former Laker Michael Cooper supported Larry Bird by saying…

Michael Cooper, who spent his entire career as a fierce opponent of the Boston Celtics, fiercely supported Larry Bird in a recent debate regarding the legendary Celtics’ place in NBA history.

After a recent conversation about the greatest three-point shooters of all time, Cooper defended Bird. In a debate with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, J.J. Redick, an ESPN analyst and former NBA player, claimed that he did not believe Bird to be among the top five all-time three-point shooters.

It seems that Cooper, who devoted a significant portion of his career to trying to stop Bird, took offense at this.

During an interview with “The Showtime Podcast With Michael Cooper,” the former guard for the Lakers delivered a scathing refutation.

As transcribed by NESN’s Lauren Willand, Cooper stated, “J.J. Redick, who’s a journeyman, played for six different teams, and all his accolades came in college.” “He spent fifteen years as an NBA player, constantly changing teams because his only skill was shooting, and he wasn’t a very good shooter. He was Danny Ainge for the underprivileged.

Redick’s assertion that Warriors guard Stephen Curry encounters the same level of physicality from opponents as Bird did during his playing days was referenced by Cooper.

“You can’t touch the guy in today’s NBA game—I don’t know what game he’s looking at,” Cooper remarked. “It’s a foul if you come near to a three-point shooter during their landing or touch them.”

Cooper continued, “J.J. Redick needs to stop trying to compare and be quiet.”

Later on, he expressed his opinions about Bird’s place in history.

Cooper clarified, “One of the best three-point shooters in history was Larry Bird.” “F*** percentages—that’snotthe point.” It’s all about making big shots, which is something that [Redick] was unable to accomplish as a player unless a pick was made for him.

People make generational comparisons. And I love and respect basketball,” Cooper went on. Every decade is enjoyable to me. I’ve respected you so much, ever since I watched Bob Cousy in the 1960s.”

Cooper defended yet another Celtic after it was brought to light that Redick had also disparaged Cousy’s status in NBA history, saying in a 2022 debate that the player was being guarded by “plumbers and firemen.”

Cooper remarked, “It’s sad because you have to respect the origins of this game.” “Everyone in today’s game, from five years ago to the future direction it will take, is living and breathing off the shoulders of players who came [through], like Bob Cousy, Wilt Chamberlain, and Bob Petit.”

Cooper went on to say that, despite his dislike for Bird, he was standing up for him.


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