In 2012, Larry Bird Sent a Senseful Reminder to Those Who Disliked LeBron James That’s Growing More…

In 2012, Larry Bird Sent a Senseful Reminder to Those Who Disliked LeBron James That’s Growing More…

Few men are more divisive than LeBron James when it comes to the NBA today. There are people on one side of the debate who believe the Lakers star is deserving of being called the Game’s greatest player, if not the greatest player ever. Conversely, there are those like Skip Bayless and others who maintain that James is overvalued, underproductive, and not good enough to fill Michael Jordan’s shoes.

And you would think that Larry Bird would be in the latter group given his high standards and willingness to talk trash. However, if we believe the living legend when he says that, then that isn’t the case. He not only stood up for James, but he also once gave some wise counsel that LeBron’s detractors ought to follow.

Larry Bird had no trouble using his trademark sardonic humor to remind teammates and opponents alike of their place when he was playing in the NBA. In addition, the Celtics star gave two contemporary greats high praise in 2012, even though he continued to have an advantage in retirement.

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James were both discussed by Bird on a YouTube recording of The BS Report With Bill Simmons. Larry Legend mentioned the Black Mamba’s competitive spirit, drive for development, and general toughness as important reasons why he would prefer to play with the former player, but he also acknowledged King James’ skill.

Bird said that playing with James would be more enjoyable, but he also insisted that LeBron had undeniable talent, despite the fact that he had offended some NBA fans

To be fair, a lot has happened since Larry Legend made those remarks. In addition to owning four NBA rings, James has grown from a young player into one of the league’s elder statesmen. Having said that, the main point is still relevant.

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