From Coach to Legend? Five Arguments Against Larry Bird’s Comeback…

From Coach to Legend? Five Arguments Against Larry Bird’s Comeback…

NBA legends who have had successful careers as players for a team often retire from the game. In NBA history, a large number of players went on to become coaches or assistant coaches.

Not every alteration has been advantageous. Even though there are plenty of head coaches who were once players and have won championships, it is not for everyone.

NBA legend Larry Bird is regarded as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game. While Bird did attempt coaching a few years ago, he should steer clear of the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently extended an invitation to Bird to resume coaching, but Bird was promptly fired. Here are five reasons Bird should turn down any additional coaching offer.

In the NBA today, coaches continue to be underappreciated professionals. Aside from luminaries such as Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, and Jerry Sloan, among others, NBA family members solely concentrate on player talent and cohesiveness rather than coaching style.

A coach gives a team a certain mindset, just like any basketball player, and this mindset must be taken into consideration when a team wants to maximize its output. For instance, Mike D’Antoni wouldn’t be a very good coach in Boston or Detroit. It would be difficult for a coach like Doc Rivers to manage Golden State or Phoenix.

The team that thrived in half-court offense and had a formidable defense benefited from Bird’s good offensive and defensive combination. The ball movement was the main source of the offense’s slow tempo.

In the unlikely event that Bird decides to return to coaching after his relationship with coach Jim O’Brien does not work out, it would mean a significant stylistic shift that might potentially regress the Pacers’ team identity development.

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