Ex- NFL star apologizes to Broncos due…

Steve Smith apologizes to Jerry Jeudy after ‘JAG’ comments sparked feud

Steve Smith wants to put an end to his feud with Jerry Jeudy.



Jerry Jeudy


Smith, a former star receiver who played 16 years in the NFL and has since entered the media landscape, dubbed the Broncos receiver a “JAG,” or just a guy, on his podcast recently.

The comments prompted to two to trade barbs prior to the Broncos’ Week 6 loss to the Chiefs.

Now, Smith wants to bury the hatchet.

“I want to apologize,” Smith said on the “Pat McAfee Show” on Friday. “… I apologize for how I said what I said, and it didn’t sit well. That wasn’t my intent, but what’s done is done, and I’m sorry.

“It makes me more aware that I’ve got to use different words and not make it come across like I’m envious or jealous of the current players because I’m not. I actually appreciate and love the current players.”

Smith was on the field during warmups prior to the Broncos-Chiefs clash, recording live for NFL Network’s pregame show.


Steve Smith


Smith claimed that he tried to greet and reach out to Jeudy prior to the game, but said the latter cursed at him and told him “I don’t mess with you.”

Jeudy could be seen shouting in Smith’s direction as he walked on the sideline.

A few moments later, Smith unloaded on Jeudy on NFL Network.

“I’ll repeat it — I’m sorry I said you were a JAG or just a guy who’s an average wide receiver they used a first-round pick on that doesn’t do anything,” Smith said. “I hope you show up today in a way that you haven’t shown up in the last couple of years since they drafted you.

“So if you’ve ever got a problem with Agent 89, I’m sorry for saying you’re an average wide receiver that [the Broncos] will eventually move on, and when teams call me and ask [if] they should trade for you, I will say no, don’t trade for Jerry Jeudy because he mentally unable to handle constructive criticism. … He can be a wide receiver — he’s a tier 3.”

After the game, Jeudy claimed that Smith did not in fact try to apologize to him originally.

“I’m just going to go ahead and clear the air,” Jeudy said. “This is my last time talking about it. If he came to apologize to me, I would have understood that and I would have listened to what he had to say. Where I’m from, if someone talks bad about you, you don’t go to them in person and try to act friendly to them like you ain’t just talk bad about him.”

Jeudy, in his fourth season since the Broncos drafted him in the first round, has 25 receptions for just 286 yards and no touchdowns this season.


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