Done deal!!! Chelsea has seal a deal with ‘Incredible’ Tottenham Player: Summer Interest Sparks

The Athletic claims that Chelsea has expressed interest in acquiring Harry Kane this summer. Daniel Levy is seen to be quite unlikely, nevertheless. The owner of Tottenham Hotspur would consent to Chelsea purchasing his top player. According to the source, a number of other teams have approached Spurs about a potential move of the talent.

Harry Kane not transferring to a different club during the current transfer window appears to be very likely. The striker’s 29-year-old contract with Tottenham Hotspur still has one year to run. Spurs have maintained their stance on Kane’s availability despite strong interest and offers from elite clubs, including Chelsea.


The Athletic claims that Chelsea looked at acquiring Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur, especially while Mauricio Pochettino was in charge of the team. The chairman of Tottenham, Daniel Levy, was unwilling to do business with Chelsea, therefore their investigation did not result in an agreement.

According to some experts, Tottenham is only delaying the inevitable. Kane might be eligible for a free transfer after a year from the club. However, Kane is incredibly important to Spurs because he just finished a season in which he became the club’s all-time leading scorer with 30 Premier League goals—a remarkable accomplishment.

Tottenham may deem it more advantageous to keep Kane for another season rather than sell him now and try to find a suitable successor. The possibility of signing a subpar replacement could have a negative impact on the team’s performance.

Additionally, Kane might sign a new contract as long as he is still obligated to the team. It’s important to note that he hasn’t yet said that he wants to leave Tottenham.

It is difficult to rule out any possibility when it comes to the transfer market. Harry Kane joining Chelsea in the current transfer window, though, seems extremely unlikely.

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