Detroit Lions set in for new proposal due to…

Detroit Lions land Davante Adams in ‘All-In’ Trade Proposal. Would you make this deal if you were Brad Holmes?

Detroit Lions land Davante Adams in ‘All-In’ Trade Proposal

We are less than a week away from the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline, and there has been plenty of speculation about whether or not the Detroit Lions will make a big move to bolster their roster. In a recent article, Brad Berreman suggests an ‘All-In’ trade proposal that would send Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams to the Lions.

The Proposal

Here is the trade proposal that would send Adams to the Motor City.

Detroit Lions Get:

WR Davante Adams

2024 Fourth-Round Pick


Las Vegas Raiders Get:

2024 First-Round Pick


2025 Second-Round Pick

WR Jameson Williams


Why it Matters

When it comes to the Lions, there is no question about it they are a solid football team. The question is, are they solid enough to make a Super Bowl run? Better yet, are the Lions one player just one player away from WINNING a Super Bowl? I don’t believe the Lions are just one stud receiver away from winning it all, which is why I would be shocked if Brad Holmes made this trade.

If you have read my work in the past, you are well aware of the fact that I am not too big on the idea of paying up for wide receivers (or running backs), and that is exactly what the Lions would have to do to land Davante Adams.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. ‘All-In’ Trade Proposal: Brad Berreman suggests a bold trade proposal that could potentially see star wide receiver Davante Adams move from the Las Vegas Raiders to the Detroit Lions.
  2. Super Bowl Aspirations: The proposal raises the question of whether the Detroit Lions, despite being a solid football team, are in a position to make a Super Bowl run.
  3. Concerns About Paying for Receivers: W.G. Brady has reservations about the idea of investing heavily in wide receivers or running backs, emphasizing that acquiring Davante Adams would require significant expenditure.

Bottom Line: Time Will Tell

The ‘All-In’ trade proposal for Davante Adams sparks a discussion about the Detroit Lions’ Super Bowl prospects and the cost of acquiring top-tier receivers. While the proposal suggests a potential boost to the Lions’ offense, it also highlights the skepticism about making such a trade, considering the significant investment it would demand. I don’t see Brad Holmes mortgaging the future with a HUGE trade like this.

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