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Mid-Range Running Backs to Target in Week 10 DFS ActionIn the realm of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), targeting the mid-range running back tier can be a strategic move, especially when considering players like David Montgomery and Kenneth Walker. This strategy is particularly relevant from a Detroit Lions perspective, focusing on how they match up against running backs in this price range. With Montgomery priced at $7,500 on FanDuel and $6,900 on DraftKings and Walker at $7,300 on FanDuel, these players offer a balance of value and potential high performance.

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Mid-Range Running Backs to Target in Week 10 DFS ActionDavid Montgomery: A High Touchdown Equity Play

Montgomery’s appeal in fantasy football comes from his high touchdown equity, making him a more attractive option on FanDuel than on DraftKings. However, his competitive pricing on DraftKings at $6,900 still makes him a viable option due to his potential for scoring.

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Kenneth Walker: A Favorable Matchup Against Washington

Walker, facing Washington, is another player to consider. His matchup and touchdown potential make him a strong candidate for DFS lineups, especially at his $7,300 price point on FanDuel.

Aaron Jones: Leveraging Price Breaks Against the Steelers

Aaron Jones, priced at just $6,800, presents an opportunity to capitalize on a price break. His recent performance against the Steelers, who have struggled against the run, makes him an attractive choice for DFS players looking for value.

Najee Harris: A Value Pick Against Green Bay’s Rush Defense

Najee Harris, facing the 23rd-ranked rush defense of the Green Bay Packers, is an intriguing option, especially considering his half-PPR score of 14.5 points last week and a tempting price of just $4,900 on DraftKings.

The Strategy: Fading the Top Tier for Value

For DFS players and bettors alike, the strategy involves fading the top-tier running backs in favor of the mid-range, where significant value can be found. This approach is particularly effective when targeting players returning from injuries or those bouncing back in their respective offenses.

Conclusion: Smart Picks in the Mid-Range

In conclusion, targeting mid-range running backs like Montgomery, Walker, Jones, and Harris can offer a blend of value and performance potential. This approach is particularly pertinent from a Detroit Lions perspective, both in terms of how they prepare defensively and how DFS players and bettors can exploit these matchups for success.

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