Dak ‘One-Legged Fadeaway Was Crazy due to…

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is in perhaps the best form of his career and is coming off a 404 passing yard, five total touchdown game against the New York Giants.

IMG_1246The Cowboys blasted their division rivals out of AT&T Stadium to the tune of a 49-17 beatdown as the offense racked up 640 total yards as the game was never really close.

Prescott and CeeDee Lamb continued their blistering pace as 88 recorded his third straight game with at least 10 catches and 150 receiving yards. For tight end Jake Ferguson, of all the connections between Dak and CeeDee against the Giants, one is imprinted in his memory.

“The one-legged fadeaway was the crazy one for me,” Ferguson said. “I remember standing on the sideline, I’m like I was on the field, and I was like, what the hell just happened? Then I saw a CeeDee run back and catch, and I’m like, okay, this is unbelievable. I still remember playing Madden with these two, and now I’m like part of it, so it’s pretty surreal for me.”

Around these parts, “The One-Legged Euro Lean-Back” is what our pals at DallasBasketball.com used to call Dirk Nowitzki’s patented shot, which is now mimicked world-wide in basketball … and maybe a little bit in the NFL, too.

While Prescott and CeeDee had another productive day, Brandin Cooks and Michael Gallup also showed their talents after quiet games against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cooks set AT&T Stadium alight with nine catches for 173 yards and a touchdown, while the much-maligned Gallup hauled in two catches for 70 yards and a touchdown as it was party time for the Cowboys.

Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson couldn't believe the play of Dak Prescott against the Giants.

Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson couldn’t believe the play of Dak Prescott against the Giants.

For Ferguson, the production from Cooks and Gallup against the Giants wasn’t an emergence as such, more so all of the Cowboys’ talented players coming together at the right time.


“I think with all the weapons we have, they’re not just emerging, these weapons have been there,” Ferguson said. “It’s just all hitting at the right time and the right spot, so I think the word that comes to mind is dangerous, so I’m excited.”

With the demolition of the Giants now firmly in the rearview mirror, the confident Cowboys now travel to face Bryce Young and the 1-8 Carolina Panthers as they look to try and reel in the Eagles, who have run away with the division thus far. … with Dak Prescott and the 6-3 Cowboys working to perform some more “crazy” on Sunday.


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