Broncos has finally revealed the top secret that fans have been…

The Denver Broncos are back in town today, but people are still talking about the 24-22 road win over the favored Buffalo Bills on Monday night. That’s when kicker Will Lutz accounted for half of your Denver Broncos’ points, including the winning field goal as time expired.

As Michael Roberts noted, Lutz didn’t get much of a chance to bask in the win, since fans are still debating the team dumping Brandon McManus. “Seldom has the line between scapegoat and hero been so thin,” he wrote, and in their responses on the Westword Facebook post of that piece, readers display the division: Says Emmett:

“Will” Lutz went from being a Putz, to making Broncos Country go Nutz!!! GO BRONCOS!!!

Responds Jake:

Brandon McManus was fine. Peyton brought in “his guy” and here we are. McManus was actually the longest tenured guy on the team.

Adds Brad:

Why they got rid of McManus is beyond me…

Replies Ben:

Because he was the union rep, and SP doesn’t want anyone around who can challenge him…and it’s Walmart. It’s not exactly a pro union rep organization.

Concludes Rigoberto:

McManus still in the NFL for a reason. Why we dropped him is a mystery, but the Denver Broncos are full of those.

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