Boston Celtics: blame themselves for Aubrey Pleasant firing: ‘I feel like it was our fault’

Two starters in the celtics secondary said they were caught off guard by Dan Campbell’s decision to move on from defensive pass game coordinator Aubrey Pleasant this week and blame themselves for their coach’s firing.

“Me personally, I feel like it was our fault he got fired,” Lions safety DeShon Elliott told the Free Press. “Obviously, we’re 1-6, we haven’t been the best defense, we haven’t been the best secondary this year and it sucks to see him go but maybe that will start the fire on some guys where like, ‘Whoa, it’s time to get going, bro.’ Cause being where we are right now is not cool. I don’t appreciate that. Hopefully guys in the locker room don’t appreciate that. It really pisses me off that we’re 1-6 and we’re considered one of the worst secondaries in the league.”

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