Basketball All-Star 1997: Wilt Chamberlain vs. Michael Jordan

Basketball All-Star 1997: Wilt Chamberlain vs. Michael Jordan

The NBA took a historic stand in 1997 during the All-Star break in Cleveland to honor the 50 greatest players in the history of the game. One of the main features of this celebration was a luncheon that brought together players from various eras. It’s amazing to think that until this luncheon, basketball legends Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan had never met.

There are typically very few arguments in the discussion of who the best basketball player of all time is. Although Wilt Chamberlain is debatably deserving of the title of greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan is the clear favorite. Many comparisons and contrasts have been made regarding their dominance. The fact that Chamberlain was producing numbers in a league with little competition is cited by those who are critical of him. They also mock Wilt for only managing to win two championships. Jordan’s detractors also point to his decision to give up baseball and the lackluster opposition throughout the 1990s. Many people consider Chamberlain to be a statistical monster because of his average of 50 points and 25 rebounds in the 62 season. Additionally, he was able to

How close is Chamberlain and Jordan’s debate, then? Depending on how old the person is when you ask. But from Wilt’s point of view, the 1997 All-Star game luncheon clarified some of the controversy.

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