Bad News: Raiders captain ask to fire Josh McDaniels due to….

This Sunday, the Las Vegas Raiders were humiliated 30-12 by the Chicago Bears, putting on their least impressive show of the year. Nearly halfway through the season, despite being 3-4 and still in the playoff hunt, head coach Josh McDaniels’ job appears to be on the line.

A large portion of this stems from the Raiders’ lackluster play throughout the season, especially on offense, which is McDaniels’ area of expertise. This season, the offense has yet to score 20 points in a game; the only time it has done so was when a late-game safety allowed the team to win.

It doesn’t appear that the players are getting tired of McDaniels, despite what some have speculated.

The player responded to the notion of firing McDaniels with, “F— that.”

Everyone is probably frustrated. Though I can’t think of one of us who truly wants to see the coach fired in the middle of the season, we all share that frustration. Simply give up this year? That person? Who resigns? I don’t understand that at all. Exasperated? You had better trust it. Have some questions? Of course. Desire to fire a man? Our locker room was lost. Please give me a damn break.

Although the Raiders’ disappointing season has undoubtedly caused frustrations in the locker room, for the time being at least this player doesn’t believe firing McDaniels in the middle of the season will have any positive effects on the

McDaniels must quickly figure out how to unleash this offense, that much is certain. In terms of turnovers, the Raiders rank 31st, have scored the fewest points (30th), and have the fewest rushing yards in the NFL. Despite investing a lot of money on that side of the ball, they are currently struggling offensively.

Although it may not have been the best decision to fire McDaniels in the middle of the season, it appears very likely that he will be gone at the end of the season if he can’t work things out quickly.


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