BAD NEWS: Derrick White, Celtics Unable To Reach Extension Ahead of Deadline

It was a toss-up whether Derrick White would extend with the Boston Celtics before midnight on Oct. 24, especially after the trade for Jrue Holiday. Boston’s overhaul of its roster this summer cleared the way, helping Boston set the table for White to be a lead guard for the team. There was no surprise that no agreement happened between both sides. White is slated to be a free agent in the summer of 2025. With his uprising two-way improvements, he has certainly been earning a rising salary. In the past week or so, White has said his camp and the Celtics have had little talk regarding the extension.

Even with the acquisition of Holiday, White is still likely to be in Boston’s starting and closing lineup, with a Sixth Man role with Al Horford in play as well. The team’s transformation this summer allows their All-Defensive guard to receive a significant minute and opportunity boost. Given the likeliness of White getting more touches, his numbers should easily rise along with his market value ahead of July 2025. Both he or Holiday can fulfill point guard duties whenever the Celtics decide to run their double-big lineup. White was all positivity leading up to the extension deadline, knowing the mutual desire for each other between both sides.

Boston is now a second apron team after the Holiday trade. Even before the new deals kick in, their top four of him, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Kristaps Porzingis—all together this season are a price closer to the $120 million range. On top of that, White’s average salary of $19 million in the final two seasons of his deal. Most would expect him to build off last year, where he was one of the Celtics’ best weapons, capping it off with a terrific postseason.

White’s positivity regarding the outcome of Tuesday’s deadline shows his understanding of the love he and the organization are sharing, along with their expensive title desperation. As his pockets are likely to become deeper this year, he and Boston will likely come to an agreement down the line that fits the Celtics’ title window.


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