Andre Agassi said of practice with Steff, “By far the worst”…

Andre Agassi said of practice with Steff, “By far the worst”…

Tennis fans laughed at Andre Agassi’s detailed description of his very first practice with his wife, Steffi Graf.

Agassi gave a moving account of his first practice with Steffi Graf in 1999 in his autobiography Open, emphasizing their close bond on the court despite their physical distance from one another.

A fan pointed out that Andre Agassi was still married to actress Brooke Shields at the time of his practice session with Graf, calling attention to what they considered to be the “creepiest sentence” in the autobiography excerpt that was shared on social media.

Instead, a different fan supported the former World No. 1’s remark, calling it “honest and touching.”

A user put it humorously that the eight-time Grand Slam champion had spent years becoming fixated on Steffi Graf.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion said she was perplexed by Agassi’s request for a practice session and his flower delivery, given that she was in a relationship at the time and he was married to actress Brooke Shields.

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