3 Detroit Lions talented super stars set to miss week 9 due to….

The Detroit Lions released their first injury report of Week 8 Thursday, detailing the health status of the team ahead of their Monday Night Football showdown with Las Vegas. The Lions are in a unique situation, as the longer week of preparation precedes their bye week in Week 9. As a result, the team will have decisions to make against the Raiders with whether or not to play injured players.

The team will not consider the bye week when determining the playing status of players like David Montgomery and Jonah Jackson, according to Dan Campbell. “In my opinion, it doesn’t. “They’re going if we truly felt like, hey, we really get to this point where we think they can go,” Campbell remarked. “If they can’t, then they can’t, and, really, the bye doesn’t have much to do with that.”

Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback for the Raiders, is questionable about his availability, so they are also facing questions. He reportedly made his way back to practice on Thursday after missing the game last week due to a back injury. Campbell remarked, “We’re ready in any scenario.” “We assume that we will see Garoppolo; I’m not sure why we wouldn’t. And if it doesn’t work out that way, so be it. We’ll be ready.”

Regardless of the player under center, Detroit’s third-year head coach does not anticipate his team’s AFC opponent straying too far from their offensive brand. We, in my opinion, base our conclusions about who they have been. No matter who is present, there are things they really want to do, according to Campbell. “They won’t stray from that too much. Although there will be some kinks, in the end, the plan and the players they have are what matter. Whoever is starting at quarterback will run the offense, facilitate the ball, and play solid defense. Thus, we’ll accept things as they come.


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